Coupon ClassDo you need to take a chunk out of your grocery bill?  Are you tired of spending huge portions of your monthly income on food and household items?  There is a way to dramatically reduce that outflow, and I am here to help.  I have created this ten day coupon class which will tell you everything you need to get started using coupons to slash your grocery spending.  Join us!

10 Day Coupon Class

Day 1 – Getting Started

Day 2 – All about coupons

Day 3 – Organizing Coupons

Day 4 – Creating a Stockpile

Day 5 – About Grocery Stores

Day 6 – CVS & Walgreens plus Kroger Mega Event

Day 7 – Walmart

Day 8 – Target

Day 9 – Resources

Day 10 – Menu Planning