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Field Trip Jerky Packs 2.2 oz.

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Cracked Pepper Turkey-I can’t even tell you how often people mistake me for a piece of apple pie. It’s probably the brown sugar and apple thing I have going on. But, I’m so much more than that. I mean, I’ve heard of meat pie and all, but sometimes it gets a little ridiculous. Seriously people—I’m a slab of meat. Just look at me. I’m clearly and obviously a big, yummy, mouthwatering piece of meat—I’ve even got cracked pepper sprinkled all over me. Would a piece of pie have cracked pepper all over it? I don’t think so. Get out there. Be authentic. No Preservatives · No Added MSG · No Corn Syrup

Everything bagel-Confidence is everything. There’s one thing I’m confident about: everything. When you look and taste this mouth-watering, it’s hard not to be confident – and delicious. Jam-packed with onion, garlic, sesame, and poppy seeds all on top of our signature jerky – when you’ve got everything going on as I do, you gotta show it off. And yes, I’ve been celebrating my unmatched swagger my whole life. Guess it also doesn’t hurt that I was born in Brooklyn. Totally adds to my everythingness. Get out there. Be Confident. 100% Grass Fed Beef · No Preservatives · No Added MSG · No Corn Syrup

Original-Yep, you guessed it. I’m the OG round here. The first flavor. The leader of the pack. Numero uno in this lineup. The original one. I go way back—like 2010 back. Since I’m hickory smoke with a black pepper and brown sugar marinade—I’ll always be delicious, no matter what. I’m what you call “an instant classic.” If I had an astrological sign, I’d be the star of this show. They’ve kept me around front and center all these years for one simple reason—because you never mess with perfection. Get out there. Be original. 100% Grass Fed Beef · No Preservatives · No Added MSG · No Corn Syrup.

Gochujang-I know one thing about being sweet, savory and a tad spicy—everything. What can i say? It’s my multifaceted personality. It’s just who I am, who I’ve always been. From the very beginning. I’m just sweet, savory and spicy: first it starts with my delicious pear puree, then you get my umami side with a savory red miso paste and finished with a gochugaru pepper. But, don’t get it twisted. Even though I’m sweet, savory and spicy, I’m still bold and even quite beefy. Tender, sweet, and totally savory - that’s me. Gochujang Korean style BBQ. Get Out There. Be bold. 100% Grass Fed Beef · No Preservatives · No Added MSG · No Corn Syrup.

Made in the United States 

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