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Generation Bee Lip Balm

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Color - Pink Grapefruit


Our lip balms are an amazing blend of Michael’s beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E, and essential oils. Your lips will feel soft and smooth in the harshest of conditions.


natural wax produced by honey bees
  - protects
  - hydrates
  - soothes

Shea Butter
fat of the nut of the African shea tree
  - moisturizes
  - anti-inflammatory
  - antioxidant
  - smoothes
  - readily absorbed into the skin
  - reduces fine lines
  - reduces scars and stretch marks
  - eases skin irritation

Coconut Oil
oil extracted from raw coconuts
  - anti-inflammatory
  - moisturizes
  - heals

Non-GMO Tocopheryl (Vitamin E)
  - antioxidant
  - anti-inflammatory
  - boosts collagen production
  - speeds up cell regeneration
  - softens skin
  - anti-aging

Benzoin (Styrax benzoin-Styracaceae)
gum resin from the bark of the benzoin tree
  - reduces brown spots
  - anti-inflammatory
  - tones skin

Organic Essential Oils

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