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Judy Blue BETTER THAN REVENGE Hi-Rise Seam Detail and Cuffed Straight Jeans

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Rev up your denim game with the Judy Blue BETTER THAN REVENGE Jeans. These hi-rise jeans feature eye-catching seam details and cuffed straight legs for a modern twist on a classic style. Perfect for those looking for a killer combination of style and comfort.

Fabric Content: 93% Cotton, 6% Polyester, 1% Spandex

Rise: 11" Inseam: 30" Cuffed and 32.5" Uncuffed

Quick Fit: READ ME before purchasing!

If you're new to our boutique denim and need clarification on the sizing, don't worry! We've simplified it for you. Our boutique women's denim uses ODD sizing, which differs from junior' sizes. To find your size, subtract one from your even size. This is your BASE Emma Lou's sizing for Judy Blue!

Please find your department store size below for specific recommendations (Old Navy, AE, Gap, Target, etc.).

Size 2-16: If you wear this size denim in a department store, you will want to take that size and go down 1.

2 would be 1
4 would be 3
6 would be 5
8 would be 7
10 would be 9
12 would be 11
14 would be 13
16 would be 15

If you are between two sizes at a department store, you would be the middle number. For example, if you are a 12/14, your size would be a 13.

16-24: If you are a 14W-24W at a department store, you will also take your actual size and go down.

16 would be 14W
18 would be 16W
20 would be 18W
22 would be 20W
24 would be 22W
26 would be 24W

 14W-24W: If you purchase your denim from a curvy store (Torrid, Lane Bryant, etc.), you want to go with your actual size. They have super stretchy denim, just like Judy Blue! You can follow the size-down method

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