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5 ingredients or Less 

The 5 Ingredients or Less Menu plan comes with 12 Weeks of 5 Ingredients or Less Menus on 72 Recipe Cards, so you can easily keep track of all the recipes and save time in the kitchen. It is perfect for busy families and those who want to minimize their grocery bill while still eating delicious homemade meals.

Each week has five scrumptious recipes plus a weekly dessert, ranging from simple comfort foods to hearty dinners. The recipes are designed to be budget-friendly and time-effective, with minimal effort needed to prepare them. Plus, they’re incredibly tasty!

The Slow Cooker Menu Plan comes with 12 weekly menus with some of the best healthy slow cooker recipes you will try. Each weekly menu includes 6 recipes with step-by-step instructions to use in your crockpot. All recipes have been tested by the PPP team and are family approved! 

There are 72 recipes included, with 1 slow cooker dessert assigned to each week. Each recipe card includes calorie counts and provides servings to feed 5–9 people with enough for leftovers.

The Freezer Menu Plan has 12 weekly menus containing 72 freezer meal recipes.* Each freezer meals menu includes prep tips so it’s easy to make multiple meals in under an hour on your freezer cooking day. The “baby cards” that go with the freezer meals include the meal prep instructions making it easy for someone else to prepare dinner.  

The freezer meal recipes include a variety of cooking methods including the slow cooker, grill, stove-top or oven. All of the recipe cards include calorie counts, serving sizes, required prep and cook times for healthy freezer meals. There are step-by-step instructions to prepare the recipe as a freezer meal as well as directions so you can cook a delicious meal for the whole family right out of the freezer. 


The Summer Menu Plan has 12 weekly menus with 72 recipes that include light summer casseroles, hearty summer salads, easy grilling meals and some simple desserts. This menu plan also includes 10 recipes that are “cook once eat twice” using the main protein. You’ll have minimal cleanup and a quick dinner that everyone will love!

The recipes include a variety of cooking methods including the grill, slow cooker, stove-top or oven. There are 24 recipes that grilling is suggested, but these can easily be prepared on your stove as well. All of the recipe cards in our summer meal plans include calorie counts, serving sizes, required prep and cook times, as well as step-by-step instructions so you can get dinner done fast.

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