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Weavers Dutch Country Dust Seasoning

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Style - Spicy Chicken


 Our Threshers Dust Seasoning distinguishes itself on, and off, the grill by “threshing” out competing spices. Good on Beef, Chicken, Pork, Venison Fish, Potatoes, Vegetables, Green Beans, etc. TIPS Great for marinating meats and grilling. NO MSG 6.75 oz. per bottle


Our best-selling Steak Dust Seasoning can accompany any cut of steak from sirloin to filet mignon. The possibilities are endless; create a wide array of dishes using Steak Dust. Use on Steak; Also works great on Chicken Breast, Burgers, or Grilled Shrimp. TIPS: Moisten the sides of the meat with vegetable or olive oil then sprinkle both sides of the meat very generously 3-24 hours before you grill or when you grill. Keep in Freezer to Prevent Caking. No MSG 9 oz. per bottle


Our Spicy Chicken Dust Seasoning will take your hot wings, or any spicy dish, to another level. Great on Chicken. TIPS Moisten the sides of the meat with the oil of your choice, then sprinkle both sides of meat very generously 3 hours before, or when grilling. NO MSG 7.5 oz. per bottle

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