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The Edison 25mm Belt Handmade by Viggor in Australia

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Color - BROWN
Sizes - 27


THE EDISON – A WORLD FIRST INNOVATION BY VIGGOR Edison belts are handmade in AUSTRALIA with high quality, full-grain leather. Made to last the long haul! Exclusive to Edison belts is our PATENTED innovation, which houses a simple mechanism that allows a ½ size adjustment, all the while maintaining the structural integrity and classic belt look and feel. That’s right! No more discomfort having your belt that little bit too tight or too loose, or grabbing the closest house hold utility to punch that in-between size on your belt. Edison belts provide you with that perfect fit, day in, day out. The classic belt and pin buckle mechanism dates back to the Iron Age. 3000 years later, and we have finally revolutionized this ancient accessory. It’s about time.

VGE2501 VGE2504 VGE2505

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